Grave lost for nearly 40 years has been found!

Many of the volunteers who come to Evergreen are associated with the Henrico Historical Society.  An elderly member of the society needed help finding his mother’s grave, who was buried in the cemetery in 1941.  The last time her son could reach the grave was in the 1970’s.  Based on his memories from the evening of her burial – yes, this was a night funeral – it was suspected she was to the east of the entrance road now used for volunteer parking.  After clearing two large areas looking for the plot, which proved to have very few graves at all, the team went back to the drawing board.  Based on the 1950’s aerial photography we discovered there was a loop road, perhaps a hundred yards north of where we were searching.  It made sense that there might be burials in that area, and the past few weekends several volunteers have been scouting and found more active graves.  This afternoon volunteers continued searching after a session of cleaning – and finally found an area with many depressions and gravestones.  Nearby stones indicated burials in the approximate time frame, and suddenly, history was uncovered.

Pearl Williams









The gravesite is still deep in the woods, but volunteers will begin clearing a path to allow family members to reclaim the site.   Join us next Saturday and get a free tour of the cemetery and congratulate the tireless volunteers on their exciting – and heartwarming – discovery.

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  • Jackie Thornton
    August 16, 2014 (2:39 pm)

    I am I. Search of location g the burial place of my grandmother. Her daughter is now 98 living in Washington, D.C. According to bible records Lucy A. Jackson is interned at evergreen plot/grave 9744. She is recorded to have died Feb. 5, 1918. Her widow would be recorded as William Alexander Jackson. Thank you for your time and attention. My mom is old and I would like to put her mind at rest while she is alert. She was an infant when her mom passed away.

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