Delta Sigma Theta and City of Richmond work to clean up Evergreen

Caught this nice bit about the ongoing cleanup effort from NBC12 yesterday.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out in the last few weeks from VCU,  VUU, Meadowbrook Ward, DST, and DPW!  With every new volunteer our effort gets multiplied.  Once you’ve seen the state of the cemetery you can’t un-see it. We thank you and appreciate your efforts!

Tell your friends and neighbors, your churches  and service organizations.  Come volunteer and bring someone to double the power of your volunteering.  Don’t forget that donations to the cause are tax deductible, too!  We can always use bottled water and snacks like granola bars and candy for our volunteers, and have a wishlist at the hardware store as well.

As the weather gets cooler it becomes  a great time to volunteer out at the cemetery.  On a clear day the trees block any cold wind and you stay warm removing brush and undergrowth.  We’re able to clear a lot of ground when not fighting the relentless tide of growth that happens in the summer.  Most of the road clearing that’s been done happened between November and February.

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