Informational Meeting on Evergreen Cemetery tomorrow

Tennis star and humanitarian, Arthur Ashe….

Female businesswoman and activist, Maggie L. Walker….

Baptist preacher and famous orator, John Jasper….

What do these significant local, state and national figures have in common?  They chose either Woodland or Evergreen Cemetery, located in the city of Richmond, as their final resting place. 

Woodland and Evergreen Cemeteries are both historic African-American cemeteries that were once premier burial locations for local African American elite.

Over the course of years, both cemeteries have fallen into disrepair and are in need of community support to restore them to their former glory, and honor the legacy and memories of those buried within them.

Please join the Woodland and Evergreen Cemeteries Restoration Project on Sunday, February 24th, 2pm at the Virginia Historical Society (428 North Boulevard) for an information session on the history of these cemeteries, their current status and how the community can be involved in additional efforts to improve and restore these significant historic sites.

For additional information, please call 804/643-4702.

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