Maggie L. Walker Evergreen Clean-Up

We need all volunteers to help in this effort to clean up Evergreen Cemetery. We ask that you bring your weed eaters if possible. 

We have set an objective to clear an additional acreage of Evergreen Cemetery. 

We can reach this goal with your help. 


Drive past East End Cemetery and look for Marvin Harris to volunteer at Evergreen Cemetery.


If you are willing to donate funds to hire professionals, your donations can be submitted through the link in our website. 

1 Reply to "Maggie L. Walker Evergreen Clean-Up"

  • Marvin Harris
    October 7, 2018 (10:31 pm)

    I visited Evergreen Cemetery Yesterday and was Surprised to see the progress being made.
    We can see what the volunteers have done to correct the ills of years of neglect. We can finally see more of the head stones of the interred.
    We need more volunteers!

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